The Syllabus

Every course begins with the syllabus, right? When I think of things that I’d like to blog about, I’ll put them here, first. This is mostly to remind myself of what I wanted to write.

Constructing an English class

  • English is an expanding circle
  • The value of planning more than you can do
  • Student-led activities
  • They should know what they’ve learned
  • The power of non-verbal gestures
  • Organization within a single lesson
  • Organization between lessons
  • Each lesson should be different, but familiar
  • Effort and rest
  • Material from the internet vs material from you
  • The structured vocabulary review
  • A review shouldn’t always feel like a review
  • Giving students “roles” in class

Being an English teacher (in Germany)

Fun stuff

Other stuff

  • Invest in a good printer
  • How I tell students to practice vocabulary
  • You are a business, so think like it
  • How I teach small talk
  • How I talk about the United States without feeling dishonest